New Dojo Keeps Users Safe

Meet Dojo, a new gadget that plugs into users’ home routers and makes sure that all the devices running under the users’ network aren’t up to any funny business.

The technology utilized by the device is by no means new; what’s different is that the latest developments in cybersecurity are now available to typical internet users as well as large corporations. This comes as a relief for many, as the threat of information and financial theft is prevalent among all internet surfers, not just major companies.

dojoThe Dojo can detect intrusions and block out hackers by building an awareness of how a device operates on the home network. The longer the Dojo is in place, the better this understanding becomes.

Dojo-Labs CEO Yossi Atias explains, “That gives their [the device users’] normal behavior a signature. Any deviation from that usually indicates some software vulnerability.”

The Dojo doesn’t just work with computers; it operates most effectively with single-purpose devices that make up parts of the IoT (Internet of Things). Gadgets like baby monitors and webcams that provide one simple service are easily overseen by the Dojo.

The Dojo has a unique design that allows for both a hardware and mobile component.

The hardware is composed of a dock that can in turn be connected to a router. Additionally, the dock comes with a “pebble” which can be carried around and used to check on network activity. If the Dojo senses an issue with a gadget, the light rings on the pebble turn orange to signify that to Dojo is automatically solving it. If the light turns red, the problem needs further attention and cannot be completely solved by the Dojo.

baby“The pebble gives the nontechi consumer an overall view of their home security in just the blink of an eye,” explained Atias.

“This is a system for people who don’t understand anything about security or privacy. This is a dummy-proof system. The user does not need to configure or set up anything… Most low-level risks [such as] malware, viruses, bad websites… are automatically mitigates and the user just informed of the action.”

The mobile component consists of an app that receives notifications from Dojo, allowing owners to give or deny permission in regards to certain activity on their networks. The app can also alert users to potential cyberthreats.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, had this to say about the Dojo:

“Rather than installing software on every individual device, which would be a nightmare for anybody to keep up, it watches the behavior of the devices and then lets you know if any are performing badly so you can take them offline.”

The major appeal of the Dojo: the people who fall into the category of tech-reliant but not tech-savvy (i.e. most people) can continue on with their lives while avoiding the problems potentially caused for them by more tech-savvy and ill-intentioned hackers. They don’t need to learn anything new and can instead leave the watch dog responsibility to the Dojo.

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