The future of Loon

Today there are a few problems when we consider the future of the internet being a means to reach not most people, but everyone. Today we have the means to make that a reality. To put this in to context we need to consider what the it means to deliver internet on a large scale WiFi system. The way it works today is that when you say “I want to have internet here” what that entails is that you are saying, I need a land grader, welders, concrete workers, welders ect ect. The point being that internet means infrastructure, it means building, it means work, it means having land and the means to put towers up and maintain them. For Billions of people in the world this an impossibility on many levels. consider the vast and widespread island networks of the Pacific Ocean area or Oceania. Even if they have they have the monetary means to develop a tower, the spread out nature of the people and their friends makes it a near impossibility to justify and maintain a network. This seems like it is not a big problem and that eventually it will work itself out, however, it doesn’t serve as many as 4 billion people the vast majority of the global population. Moreover given the current way we think about internet and how we deliver it no matter what monetary gaps were bridged, it could never circumvent this problem. ls

Today though Google is offering a silver lining in addressing this issue which might be the new normal and offer the means to actualize the dream that was the internet and connect everyone, everywhere in the world.

The way this is done is that Google is developing what they refer to as project Loon. Project Loon can be understood as helium filled balloons that float in the stratosphere, well above the cloud line. To give perspective the highest a commercial jet liner will ever fly is 30,000- 35,000 ft so nearly twice as high. Unlike other projects Google is developing such as google glass, or their self driving cars Project Loon will change the world on a scale more significant than even the creation of the google search engine did 20 years prior. The reason being is that with the project loon system the internet is now able to be offered anywhere, it doesn’t matter. The usage of the internet is unique and unlike any other service offered in our global economy.


what the regional difficulties or socio economic problems face the area, as far as the balloons are concert there is no difference at that altitude. when several balloons link they create a mesh network and exponentiation the reach. This is not merely a way to change the way the developing nations of the world connect to the internet, it is going to be the new normal, given that this requirs little to no maintenence and that it can be scalable not only will it be easier to develop it will produce a better product the internet quality from project loon will. Project loon is going to be the new normal.

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