Tech Aims to Monetize Holograms

At the 2012 Coachella valley music and arts festival there was one story on the lips of everyone, that emanated across the country and grabbed the nations attention in a unified confused excitement, that asked what the heck was on that stage and how did they do it. What I am referring to of coarse is the hologram of Tupac Shakur. Shakur as we know was shot to death in 1996 yet through technology was able to take the stage with rapper Snoop Dogg on the stage for a couple songs and blew peoples minds, to the point where some thought it was so convincing that they had to incited the aid of the super natural to put on a 2-pac performance that good. nnnn

This for better or for worse was the catalyst that opened the door for others to ask the question of what other dead celebrities they could put on stage and tour around the country to make a quick buck off of. Since the 2-pac success the technology has “brought to life” the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy, The Old Dirty Bastard, Elvis Presley, as well as people never actually video taped such as Abraham Lincoln and Jesus of Nazareth to name a few.

It is fitting that this has been refereed to as holograms although it may just be a linguistic splitting of hairs but what they are actually doing with these performances is not technically a hologram, however, colloquially this seems to be what is gaining prominence. This is actually a 3 dimensional optical illusion that uses a 2 dimensional phantogram affect that has actually been around since the 1860s although obviously without the complexity we see here.This will require a steady and reliable Wi-Fi connectiondfgsdfg wherever you are.

Since then there has been a pouring of money into this and people think that this will be the future of home entertainment as well. This is a slight detour from VR or ogmented reality  so it is going to be interesting to see which one takes prominence because what is most likely going to be the case is that only one will take off as the dominate force of American entertainment. However, people are seeing that this will be a huge opportunity for sports. People are considering a future where you go to your favorite sports bar and the athletes are in the bar with you jumping and running in a life sized event. This is more likely to take off for things that are primarily a social setting because as of today VR does not have an answer for interacting with others and when you consider the market of sports viewer ship what is really being sold is not so much the watching of the game it is everything around it, with being with friends drinking cheap beer and eating junk food. What drives this is the discussion of highlights and the game itself. It may very well be the case that both take off in their own fields but we can rest assured that holograms are here, and here to stay.

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