US Tech Against the World

Today a handful of American Technology companies are being highly scrutinized among the largely isolationist and segregationist of the European and Asian continents. All of the cultural defense you had in the case of a nation like France comes with a handful of American companies who have effectively washed away all your cultural defenses. All of a sudden when just about everything that a French person purchases, watches and consumes to some way or another through these behemoths.

Image result for eu tech privacyThis is what sets the stage for social anxiety among European nations and is on the move against these US invading tech giants. European governments have also been at the forefront of an effort to limit the reach of tech companies and the influence they have over the social discourse within the nation. The European efforts are just a small bit of a coming global freak out over the power of the American tech industry that is going to ensue over the next few years. that rule the lands those companies are trying to invade. Whats happening in Europe is playing out in China, India, and Brazil as well and across much of the rest of the globe if we want to split hairs.

What comes out of this as the result is fragmentation, a term used within the industry but does not make much sense outside of it. To give you some perspective once not very long ago, many people who worked in tech believed that digital technology would bring about the dawn of a new global world order. “My assumption is that this is only the beginning; we’ll be seeing more of these governments make their own demands, and the problem is a fragmentation of the global tech companies, this could be a problem for the America in the 21 century.”

This is a dynamic that may not sound for new to those in the know. Whether it is the result of taxes, privacy, free speech, or security national governments have usually sought to impose rules on transnational corporations. But what is different in regards to the tech take over of the Eurasian continent is the sheer fact that what is being protected against and what is the most influential thing they have in their arsenal is largely intangible. To the degree that it is not something you can simply close your doors or borders to and be rid of. On the the contrary you cannot nit pick what you want and what you don’t out of your internet experience in a lot of ways in this regard and that is what posses such a big pickle for those involved and surrounding the situation.

“What’s happening right now is the nation state is losing its grip; one of the hallmarks of modernity is that you have a nation state that claims they are the exclusive source of a universal legal system that addresses all legal issues. But now people in one jurisdiction are subject to rules that come from outside the government, and often its companies that run these huge networks the are pushing their own rules.”


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